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We currently offer Puppy Kindergarten, Canine elementary, Train your own service dog and Train your own Emotional support dog. Our Classes are focused not only on obedience and task training but also go over canine body language, appropriate play, polite leash walking and polite greetings. As well as other skills that make your dog a happy, healthy pup at home and out in public. All classes aside from puppy kindergarten have training sessions in real life situations and public areas to work on skills when they are needed! 

  Classes will start again in March 2020. Please contact us for a pre class sign up. 

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Classes are taught by Colleen Campbell. She has spent 14 years working with rescue dogs and training and teach obedience classes. She learned most of her skills from Christina Williamson and her boxer Keylee and hound mix Brady.

   Colleen worked with Christina while working for North Country Animal League in Vermont. She assisted in teaching obedience classes as well as learning skills to handle her difficult dog, Keylee. Keylee taught her so much about dog behavior and how to be constantly aware of her dog, the surroundings and canine body language. Brady her sweet, shy hound taught her how to get a willing and happy pup from a shy, nervous dog.