All about Boarding

Additional Information

Big or small we have a spot for them all! Wheter you have a great Dane, Mastiff, chihuahua or anything in between we can make your best friend comfortable and happy! With plenty of play time with furry friends inside and out and lots of cuddles, treats and pats from our staff we will make sure your pup has as good a time as you are on your vacation. 

  We have daily posts on our facebook page so you can see your fur baby playing with their friends or one on one with our staff if they prefer people over dogs. 

  Over night and during rest time we play soothing music to help our guests settle and everyone is tucked in with a treat and a cuddle before bed. Our staff is here at 6 am and stay until 9 pm to let our overnight guests out. 

   If you want to check in on your pup call or message our facebook page and we will be happy to give you an update!

  We strive to make each one of our furry guests feel comfortable and loved. 

Learn More

We are happy to give you a tour of our facility before you board with us! We recommend a day or two of day care before leaving your dog over night for the first time to help them adjust.  Please call for an appointment to meet owners and staff!